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Analyzer Conductor Test Set - "Busy Boy"
Analyzer Conductor Test Set - \"Busy Boy\"

Conductor Tagger Analyzer is a multifunction test set that enables fast, accurate tagging of working and non-working lines, while eliminating the risk of disturbance to the customer. A patented subscriber sentinel is used to guard against interruptions or delays of customer calls. Talk battery and alerting features are provided to obtain and maintain a communications link between points along a cable. While in the automatic mode, the PR25A prevents tones from being introduced to a working line. If the tone is already induced in a pair while tagging, and the party on the line lifts the receiver, the PR25A stops the tone before the party can hear it. If the tone is already induced on a pair, and the party on the line is called, the unit reacts to the central office ringing generator and immediately stops the tone. Cable pairs can be monitored at all times during the pair identification procedure. A monitoring position is used for visual monitoring without sending tone. A craftsman can visually check the pair status from the meter on section throws or cutovers where pairs have been previously identified and itís only necessary to determine whether a line is in use prior to cutting or swinging. FEATURES INCLUDE: 3 Tone Levels, Ohmmeter & Capacitance Check, Visual Monitoring, 577.5 or 500 Hz Interrupted Tone, Automatic Non-Interfering Tone, Adjustable Interruption Rate. Part # PR25A.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 06 December, 2006.