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No-Oxide - R3266
No-Oxide - R3266

Electrical contact grease of choice in new electrical installations and maintenance because of its excellent performance in keeping metals free from corrosion. Rust preventative has been used for over 50 years to prevent corrosion in electrical connectors from low micro-power electronics to high voltage switchgear. Prevents the formation of oxides, sulfides, and other corrosion deposits on copper and aluminum surfaces and conductors. Soft, wax-based rust preventive and lubricant that contains an active rust inhibitor and small amount of solvent for ease of application. Corrosion resistant coating can be applied by sprays or brush application. Controls corrosion by leaving a thick, semi-transparent, non-drying barrier coating that retains its anti-rust properties indefinitely. Order by part# and size required. 2 ounce size R-3266-2OZ (These are perfect for storing in your tool box or just stick them in your pocket). 4 ounce size R-3266-4OZ (Plastic Container) 8 ounce size R3266L1 - (A SPECIAL 8 OZ tube)

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 15 December, 2006.
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