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1 x Insulated Deluxe Maintenance Tool Kit
1 x Insulated Box End Wrench Set - 8 Piece
1 x Insulated Metric Box End Wrench Set - 8 Piece
1 x Insulated Box End Wrench Set - 11 Piece
1 x Insulated Open End Wrench Set - 8 Piece
1 x Insulated Basic Electrician's Roll - 9 Piece
1 x Insulated Magnetic Tip Screwdriver with 5 Bits
1 x Insulated Plastic Pliers - Fuse Puller
1 x Insulated Metric Box End Wrench Set - 11 Piece
1 x Insulated 3/8" Dr. Metric Socket Set - 13 Piece
1 x Insulated High Leverage Curved Diagonal Pliers
1 x Insulated 1/4" Dr. Standard Socket Set - 13 Piece
1 x Insulated Nutdriver/Screwdriver Roll - 12 Piece - Xtra Long
1 x Insulated 3/8" Dr. Metric Socket Set - 10 Piece
1 x Insulated Pad Mount Transformer Kit
1 x Insulated Open End Wrench Set - 11 Piece
1 x Insulated Crimping Pliers
1 x Insulated Long Reach Mini Pliers - Oval Head
1 x Insulated MRO Super Tool Kit
1 x Insulated Crimping & Cutting Pliers
1 x Insulated Curved Needle Nose Pliers
1 x Flame Resistant Tarp
1 x Personal First Aid Kit
1 x Safety Glasses - UVEX Bandit
1 x Anti-Static Wrist Strap
1 x Electrical Insulating Mat, Black Diamond Plate IAM-B-1/4x375
1 x Hard Hat Rack
1 x Wrist Strap Tester
1 x Hand Cleaner Towels - Scrubs-In-Bucket WEB SPECIAL
1 x Battery Neutralizer and Cleaner, RG2500
1 x Roll Up Traffic Sign - Utility Work Ahead
1 x Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat
1 x Disposable Sweatband - Sponge Type
1 x Safety Goggles - Over-the-Glasses
1 x Electrical Lockout Kit
1 x Utility Lantern - 6 Volt
1 x Fire Extinguisher - 2 1/2 lb.
1 x General Purpose Flashlight - Yellow
1 x Headlamp, REMIX HYB-BK
1 x STA-SAFE Stationary Battery Wipes - RG-2800-W
1 x Safety Glasses - Willson Op-tema
1 x First Aid Kit - Medium
Wrist Strap w/Alarm, EPS-01
Wrist Strap w/Alarm, EPS-01

A unique blinking LED indicator as well as a high octave audible alarm sound alerts the operator of a cord break, loose pin jacks, or other ground defects. Additionally, the built-in LED and audible alarm will notify the technician of low battery life when it reaches below 20%. These special built-in alarms help managers and supervisors to achieve “zero” defects on the assembly floor. Other special features include: Replacable stretch-free synthetic band. Sensitivity adjustment trimmer for checking poor ground. For use in Electrostatic discharge Protected Areas (EPA). Long-life battery (approximately 500 / 8hr. work days). Long 6' cord with alligator clip Built-in 1MΩ resistor. Easy "On/Off' switch RoHS compliant Model EPS-01: Applicable for Electrostatic discharge Protected Areas (EPA). Model EPS-01G: For general type applications. Order by part # required.

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Wrist Strap with Alarm, EPS-01:
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 04 March, 2011.